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A tool of the New Age that changes the observer and is capable of saving the world.




New Era

Tsvetnosti is a word that comes from Old Slavic and cannot be translated. It has a sacred meaning. Unattainable in full perception, the energy of the Spirit becomes accessible to human consciousness thanks to the material form - Tsvetnosti. We can interact with them, learn and transform into a new, Higher Form.

Since we are living in a special time of man's transition into the world of global changes, a time of spiritual enlightenment, Tsvetnosti reveal the deep essence of man and his mission on this Earth. We gain access to sacred knowledge that allows us to go beyond our usual perception of reality. Such knowledge is embedded in the phenomenal Creations of


"Thanks to the Tsvetnosti, the human mind is absorbed by the infinite Consciousness, and there is immeasurable peace - the only correct Divine state of man, in which he possesses the joy of Being, love reigns in his heart, truth and virtue reign in his soul."


"A person who is in constant contact with the Tsvetnosti dispels the wrong understanding and perception of the world and himself - and he gets on the path of truth. Such people have the opportunity to become enlightened even in this life. The way to unlimited possibilities opens up for them."


"Disclosing to oneself Tsvetnosti means reaching the highest level of spiritual development, which turns a person into an accomplice of the Higher Powers, the owner of a colossal creative potential. By right, the desired is given to the one who is able to perceive it."

Energy influence

Each Tsvetnosti is unique and each has its own meaning! Their deep spiritual energy is able to direct all activity of matter, help a person understand his role in this life, free himself from many problems, from a sense of injustice and achieve complete peace and harmony. It is impossible to know with the mind, it must be felt with the heart.

Scientific research

The healing properties of Tsvetnosti and their unique influence on humans have been proven in several scientific studies. One of them was conducted by Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin.

The effect of the OʼLSVOLʼDs Tsvetnosti "Healing from Diseases of the Human Blood System" on the state of the energy-informational component of a person, as well as on indicators such as: blood elements and the hormone erythropoietin, was investigated.

For the study, a complex spectral-dynamic apparatus (SDA) was used, which allows testing the state of the human body.

And everything will flourish!_edited_edited.jpg

The Tsvetnosti create a powerful energy field, synchronizing with each human biofield, scanning it completely, triggering the electromagnetic oscillations characteristic of the human body and the healing process begins. The human body, adapting to its natural purity, begins to work in a healthy mode and heals itself.

Quote from the book "The penultimate Prophet"


The goal of the project: to help every person go through his life path with ease and joy. Show Tsvetnosti to as many people as possible in the ​​World and place them in beautiful and unique locations, and open galleries with Tsvetnosti around the world.

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