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The purpose and meaning of OL'SVOL'Ds life is the salvation of humanity through the construction of galleries around the world and the placement in them of the sacred art of the New Time - Tsvetnosti.

"On one of the most mysterious places in Ukraine, in the lodge of Saint Chil (Moon place), a Temple will be built, which will house the largest gallery of Tsvetnosti together with the Book of Life, and a millennium of the kingdom of the world will reign on Earth.

It was in this place, in the lodge of St. Chilo, that the Master and I laid the Stone of St. Peter...
This stone will serve as the starting point for the construction of the Temple (My Church). And when other Temples are built in many countries of the world, the circle of light will close..."

Quote from the book "Revelation of the Lord"


Visual image of the Gallery of Eternity

"Having passed through the Spiritual Purgatory, which is the Gallery, a person finds the opportunity to recognize first of all the main things, that is, their original essence. He sees only gold in precious jewelry, only water in waves, movement in air, and emptiness in space. The understanding opens to a person that everything he sees for himself is absolute Consciousness. In the end, everyone gets the opportunity to find what they are looking for."

Quote from the book "The Penultimate Prophet"

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