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"Penultimate Prophet"

Philosophical treatise
Author: OL'SVOL'D
Number of pages: 175
Year of publication: 2017

Limited edition

My dear reader, let it not surprise you that I choose to write this short treatise when the world stands on the brink of an abyss, nor that I do not reveal to you the identity of my Master. Just as he didn't have it, so I don't have a painful desire to gain fame or make a big name for myself in this broken world - a world of illusions, suffering and general misunderstanding.

The master taught me to be restrained when revealing knowledge, so as not to cause enmity towards myself and to prevent the possibility of manipulating the great Truth. As the experience of many millennia has shown, those who did not show due care in passing on knowledge suffered humiliation and persecution, and the very source of knowledge more than once ended up in the hands of greedy and untalented apprentices who used it exclusively for selfish purposes, paying with their souls.

That is why I decided to open the door to the storehouse of pure knowledge only for those who sincerely seek it and who are worthy of it in the eyes of the Lord.

I would very much hate for this book to fall into the hands of the greedy and ungodly and those who are driven solely by animal desires.

You should not doubt the truth and authenticity of this treatise, just as you should not doubt that you are reading these very lines at this very moment. I am sure that this book will reveal to you the great secret of earthly wisdom, and that, in turn, will show you the path, following which you will be able to love your neighbor and the Lord with even greater strength and be loved by Him.

The purpose of this work is to put an end to madness, to help humanity stop the process of rapid descent into the abyss.

You ask: "And that's all?..."
I will answer: "And that's it!"
Everyone will get everything he wants and lose everything he neglects.

"Penultimate Prophet"

56 reproductions of Tsvetnosti


The philosophical treatise contains 56 reproductions of Tsvetnosti. Each unique and unique! Thanks to reproductions, you have the opportunity to interact with this source of energy and touch works that are not publicly available.


The influence of Tsvetnosti on water

What are the properties of water and how can we change its structure? And the most interesting thing: how are Tsvetnosti related to water? Find out in one of the chapters of the book.


What will our planet be like in the future? What awaits humanity? Information that will prompt you to think and look at the world in a new way.

The world of the future

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