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Those who live not for themselves live, who live life for others.

- OL'SVOL'Ds slogan -


-  the Creator of hight vibration Tsvetnosti. The Master was born in Ukraine, which he glorifies with his name and in his books. Creates Tsvetnosti in an unusual meditative state that allows the creator of Tsvetnosti to channel the high energy of the Spirit onto canvas and paper.

In this way, unattainable energy in full perception becomes accessible to human consciousness thanks to the material form - Tsvetnosti. There are no analogues in the world!

More about your path and becoming a Keeper of Tsvetnosties OL'SVOL'D described in a philosophical treatise "The Penultimate Prophet"


an artist

The purpose and meaning of OL'SVOL'Ds life is to save humanity through construction galleries all over the world and placement of energy-vibrational paintings Tsvetnosti there.

For this reason  in 2009, he renounces presidential ambitions, a million-dollar fortune and chooses for himself a spiritual guide - the Master of the Heavenly Fire, with whom he began to create high-vibration Tsvetnosties.

To date, the artist has more than 500 Tsvetnosti, and he continues to paint them.

The author does not reveal his real name to the audience, as he believes that these works are not his merit, but a message to humanity from the highest dimensions of the universe.

As the author himself says: "The Lord of the Universe himself creates images (not icons) of cosmic energy, which I, OL'SVOL'D, pass through myself, I do not draw, I do not write, but I manifest them on various media such as canvas, paper, MDF. And as a finished product, they receive the name of Tsvetnosti, and are perceived by humanity as paintings".

OL'SVOL'D is not only a pseudonym of the author, but primarily an unearthly project for the transformation of a person with new qualities and opportunities.


At the age of 13, lightning struck OL'SVOL'D in the mountains.


At the age of 26, during the apparition of the Mother of God, on the day of the Assumption of the Mother of God, the apostles appeared to OL'SVOL'D (quite visible: in full height, clothes, with pronounced facial features).

At the age of 32, OL'SVOL'D discovered the secret stories of Christianity through his relative (Sacred

Father of the Vatican).

At the age of 33, he celebrated his birthday in Jakarta, Delhi, Dubai and Kyiv at the same time, clearly not by chance.










Financial consulting Budapest, Hungary

Financial consulting Washington, DC, USA

Vedic University Vlodrop, Netherlands

Financial consulting Vienna, Austria

Financial consulting Zug, Switzerland

Ternopil Financial and Economic Institute Ternopil, Ukraine

Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko Lviv, Ukraine

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